After many gigs, they were constantly asked about the availability of CD’s, but had nothing other than a demo. Thus after several years it was decided it was time to produce their first CD. The name of the CD was coined after one of five original songs written by Guy, “Never Too Late”, dedicated to the desire of Bobette and Guy to follow their passion after a late entry. Another result of the project revealed a delayed writing and composing talent of Guy’s.

Although dedicated to straight ahead jazz, the group shows its diversity in dabbling in other areas. Witness the sultry soul rendition of another Bragg original, “There’s Another Star” by Bobette. The beautifully voiced, and phrasing of Bobette has served notice that there’s another “star” on the horizon. “The Surge” reminds one of the recent line dance craze overtaking the country. “Waltzin’ with Cleo”, a beautiful jazz waltz is dedicated to Guy’s wife, Cleo representing her middle name. Bobette shows her versatility in mastering the beautiful ballads, “Here’s That Rainy Day” as well as “the Nearness Of You”. Switching over to a spiffy moderate attack on “Sweet Pumpkin”, she then switches over to a Latin approach on the intoxicating and beautifully written, “You Go To My Head”.

The group gives a beautiful approach to another Bragg original, the ballad “Just A Year Ago” led by the lyrical tenor phrasings of Harold Adams . Perhaps one of the more intriguing pieces is that written and performed by internationally acclaimed spoken word artist Marc Marcel. His original “Jazz Is for the Hip” is both entertaining and educational. It is directed at both the older and especially younger generation. The group provides a groovy background. The remaining tunes, “Secret Love”, “I Thought about You”, and “Like Someone In Love”, are given a fresh twist by the group. Drummer Darrell Taylor and Bassist Ernie Barnes are stellar in their rhythmic approach and solos throughout.

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